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Following the invasion and conflict in 2022, the non-profit organization Unity for Freedom was founded to more efficiently manage the aid and resources provided to Ukraine and the refugees that fled the country.

The strategic management of the organization's founders, like Alexander Rekeda, helps to ensure that the essentials are provided to the people of Ukraine in the most efficient manner possible. Additionally, the organization offers a centralized opportunity to assist with urgent needs like food, shelter, and water, as well as long-term efforts to rebuild.

Unity for Freedom is well-positioned to assist Ukrainians in surviving the conflict and emerging from it with the resources necessary to combat the long-term effects of having lived through armed conflict. This will be accomplished by providing immediate support and planning for the days after the war.

The beginnings of Unity for Freedom

Rekeda wants to discover a more efficient approach to collect and disperse relief to the people of Ukraine within a few short months of the outbreak of conflict in Ukraine in February 2022. After making contributions to various aid organizations through multiple channels, he joined forces with a group of friends to establish the Unity for Freedom charity to expedite the delivery of assistance while simultaneously lowering the associated costs compared to more considerable charitable funds.

Unity for Freedom can respond quickly to new hotspots and concerns in the crisis due to resource pooling, streamlined management, and the development of on-the-ground connections in Ukraine. All of this is accomplished while maintaining a watchful eye on sustaining resources and the requirements for the long term.

Fighting for the independence of Ukraine involves more than just Ukraine. It is a war for freedom worldwide, and the non-profit organization is assisting individuals on the forefront to better withstand the obstacles by satisfying as many vital demands as is humanly possible.

How the charitable organization reacts

Unity for Freedom makes an effort to more strategically address needs by maintaining daily touch with people in Ukraine who can report on the country's most pressing requirements, assist with acquiring and distributing goods, and organize service delivery. Providing help to regions close to the front lines of the battle is given a much higher priority.

These needs have changed throughout the past few months due to the dynamic nature of the conflict. For example, addressing concerns in rural areas that have limited access due to troop movements and providing assistance in war-torn cities that have damaged supply chains that prevent access to necessary items are two examples of how these needs have evolved.

The current housing problem, made worse by the fact that Russian bombs are destroying homes, is another primary source of anxiety. The charitable organization is lending a hand to local organizations to provide displaced Ukrainians with access to basic shelter and a more permanent living arrangement as quickly as feasible.

Who exactly is provided with assistance?

The act of assisting is difficult even under normal circumstances and necessitates meticulous planning at times of emergency. Alexander Rekeda contributes to the oversight of the organization's day-to-day operations to help guarantee that individual requirements are effectively met.

The charitable foundation gives financial assistance to local organizations that help orphans, families torn apart by the conflict, and injured people who require medical and psychological care. Education and safe housing are considered part of the second tier of care once the most pressing necessities, such as physical therapy and other fundamental requirements, have been met.

To meet immediate needs, it is necessary to purchase as many goods and supplies from local vendors as possible. This will make it possible to distribute food, medical supplies, and other necessities as quickly as possible during any gaps in the distribution of international aid.

Most of the time, the most efficient distribution methods include working with local organizations. Unity for Freedom is committed to assisting in regions that either receive a smaller response from usually huge aid organizations or are home to people who lack the resources necessary to go to a more central location where aid is being distributed.

What about care over a longer period?

The long-term needs of the Ukrainian people will be managed through the reasonable allocation of money to local projects aimed at meeting the needs of the people as they rebuild their lives.

The creators of Unity for Freedom, such as Alexander Rekeda, are committed to setting aside cash to address any ongoing requirements and, eventually, to aid with the challenges of rebuilding cities, neighborhoods, and homes. This will take place as soon as immediate needs allow it.

In addition to utilizing Rekeda's knowledge, United for Freedom also uses a network of specialists, including legal advisers and business experts, who participate on the board of directors to guarantee that the organization's goals for long-term requirements are realized.

The distribution of essential supplies, such as building materials, the coordination of skilled workers, and the establishment of needs-based criteria will be points of consideration that will be made to ensure that long-term resources are distributed fairly to those who are in the greatest need. It is also being considered to give local organizations more influence by providing them with financial donations and other assistance to assist such organizations in achieving their objectives and uplifting an entire town or region.

Students whose academic pursuits have to be put on hold will have access to high-quality learning opportunities thanks to the allocation of resources that will be made available to ensure this. Achieving victory in the war necessitates putting out an effort from the very first day of the battle and continuing to do so for many years after it ended to counteract the negative consequences of armed conflict on society over the long run.

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